Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vibrant Color

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I use Yahoo e-mail, and when switching between accounts, occasionally glance at the headlines in the TODAY section on the webpage.  Since I love bright colors, their announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2001 jumped right out at me.  But honeysuckle?  Seriously???

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What color do you think of when you think of “honeysuckle”?  Me?  I think of white and yellow flowers, somewhat like these:

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So why on earth would Pantone choose to call a bright lipstick pink, “Honeysuckle?”

Well, I suppose if you do a Google image search, you’ll find these:

Trumpet Honeysuckle from
Golden Flame Honeysuckle from
Now don’t get me wrong, I love bright colors, including bright pink.  Bright colors always make me feel good.  A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life.” [Pantone]

I’m a little apprehensive about working with Pepto -- er Honeysuckle Pink, though, because it’s one of those awkward colors.  Cracked me up when I read that Pantone advises, “It is an appetite and conversation stimulant when used on the dining room walls.”  I tried painting my dining room walls Honeysuckle Pink once.  Growing up, my parents had always advised painting room using a color lighter than you want it to appear when finished.  Thinking I’d end up with a nice, deep red, I chose a lighter version similar to Pantone’s Honeysuckle.  The room made me nauseous!  Didn’t take long to learn that lesson – it’s okay to paint a room deep red!

I headed over to and used their Combo Tester to try out a few palettes.  The palette above is loosely based on another palette I found on their website.  I could work with that, but I think I like this one better:

I really like the way the white and dark chocolate tone down the lipstick pink.  I can see using ivory freshwater pearls and antiqued brass in a design.  But that green just seems a bit too warm, doesn’t it?  Even though the green in the first palette is warmer, the burgundy and silver balance the temperature better.  Just for grins, I switched out the green for my favorite color:

Oooooh!  I love that palette, and I can actually see myself working with it.  Amazing the difference one little color can make!

So what colors do you envision blending with Honeysuckle?  Thank you so much for stopping by today!


  1. it's funny, with your last color palette ... I've used ivory, chocolate, and a punch pink like that, and I've used ivory and chocolate with the teal, but never all of them together. Also, I think if you took the deep burgundy out of the first color palette it would look very pretty, in a vineyard-y kind of way.

    Loved reading this!!!

  2. Thanks for that inspiration! I love the progression of the colors until you found the palette most pleasing to you.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Lisa thank you. I usually check Pantone for their color recommendations but haven't so far this fall, now I don't have to :) I also love that nice link to the Combo Tester, very good! I know you love aqua, pastel blues and greens, etc., and I think your choice of that aqua instead of the deeper and greener green is a very good one. I'd try the color combination without it as well, I like pink with tan and brown colors, I think it's just classy. Also, I think Moira is right, the first palette would look great without the burgundy.

  4. OMG, what a fantastic post! I am in LOVE with that color palette! Totally inspirational for me today!!!!

  5. *lol* My parents have one of that golden flame honeysuckles in their yard. Beautiful flower! I play a lot with different color palettes lately and it is fun, especially when a palette is forced onto you like in the Margie & Me challenge. It is......let's say challenging! :-)

  6. I would never have though of Honeysuckle as pink either. I love the different color palette's you showed and how you worked until you found one pleasing for you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the awesome post, I love the color palette progression till you found what worked for you.
    Shannon C

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